About Cairns City Tattoo

Cairns City Tattoo is a family based business established in 1984 by Duane Cash.

Duane was the first to establish a studio for body piercing and tattoo art back in 1984 in Cairns; since then, he has become a well respected and sought after Tattoo Artist, well represented all over Australia.

Cairns City Tattoo started its life off as “Cairns Skin Artistry” in 1985 on Lake St in the Cairns CBD. Over the years, a studio on Spence St was opened, followed by another on Sheridan St, then Earlville and yet another on Abbott St. At one stage, Cairns City Tattoo was operating 4 shops all at once!

Duane decided to downscale his operations to the two current studios in the centre of Cairns currently operating today.

Duane has dedicated his time and effort to build a team of the established tattoo artists in the Cairns City region. Here at Cairns City Tattoo we are determined to fulfil the needs of each and every customer that comes through our doors.

Our Artists

Duane Cash


Duane Cash is a 3rd generation tattoo artist and the founder of Cairns City Tattoo. Duane is one of Australia’s leading tattoo artists and well represented amongst the best Australian, American and European tattooers.

He first started his tattooing apprenticeship at 15 years of age and opened up his first shop at the age of 17. Duane follows in the footsteps of his Father and Great Uncle, George Cash, who started during the 2nd World War in the Australian Army.

Duane specialises in traditional Western influenced Japanese Tattoo art, but lends his hand to all popular styles of tattooing, and works mainly by appointment only.

Shane Pask

Tattoo Artist

Shane Pask has been a professional tattoo artist for past 17 years, completing his 5-year tattoo apprenticeship back in 2003 With “Duane Cash” at “Cairns City Tattoo”.

Shane operates in the field of “realistic artwork”, his forte of work focuses on portraits, realistic nature and life along with his passion for the dazed and confused.
His experience in the industry has led him to using freehand techniques to complete your masterpiece.

Craig Maclennan

Tattoo Artist

Craig Maclennan has always had an obsession for artwork. He left school at a young age to complete a Diploma of Fine Art and Design, before working for many years in the Graphic Arts Industry.

This path led him to tattoo, encouraging him to move from the Gold Coast to complete a tattoo apprenticeship under master Tattoo Artist Duane Cash.

Craig sees his versatile approach to Art and Design as his strength and enjoys tattooing a wide range of styles, specialising in custom artwork and design to give each customer a unique, original design.

Lucas Wyld

Tattoo Artist

Luke grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney. He began getting tattooed at 18 and after a bad experience with his second tattoo he decided to research artists in Sydney that could help him. It was then where Luke met a studio of artists in the inner city that changed the way he looked at tattooing. Luke began to learn about tattoo culture from getting tattooed nearly every week at this particular studio and slowly became obsessed with traditional tattoo imagery and the tattoo lifestyle.

Back then it was unheard of to be able to learn the craft as it was near impossible to get someone to teach you, however several years later in 2008 Luke finally got an apprenticeship. Now, Luke is living in Cairns and is proud to be tattooing professionally under Duane Cash. His artistic influences throughout the last several years have helped develop his recognisable style.

He is drawn towards more classic tattoo imagery in either fine line black and grey, or bold American traditional and loves the flow that lettering has on the skin when done well. Luke plans to continue to use traditional tattoo concepts and imagery, whilst growing artistically to keep developing his style of tattoo.

Yusuke Irie

Tattoo Artist

Yusuke Irie is a Japanese born...Australian bred, permanent Australian resident, specialising all fields of traditional Japanese artwork.