Cairns Body Piercing

Cairns City Tattoo is one of Cairns most respected and trusted body modification studios. We take great attention to hygiene and detail, with fully qualified staff that take all levels of care upon doing your piercing.

  1. Upon getting your first piercing, a small variety for jewelry is offered to make sure you are happy with the style of jewelry.
  2. Every bit of detail is taken when deciding on the right spot for your piercing, making sure each individual will be satisfied with final look.
  3. During the final stage, we give each customer some aftercare information and solution, that they need to understand how to take care of their new piercing

Give us a call today; most piercings are walk ins, we generally only book appointments for all genital piercings.


All piercings include your initial choice of jewelry, as well as a down size after healing if needed and a solution of aftercare for the healing process.

  • Earlobe
  • All Cartilage (Rook/Rim/Conch/Daith/Tragus/Anti tragus)
  • Industrial
  • Nose (nostril/septum)
  • Tongue/Lip (Labret/Madonna/snake bites)
  • Eyebrow
  • Nipple
  • Navel
  • Female Genitals

Common Questions

How old do I need to be for piercings?

Majority of piercings you must be 16, except for all tongue, nipples, genitals which you have to be 18.

Do I have to have parental permission?

For more common piercings such as ears, nose, lip and navel you will need to have a parent/guardian with you, if you are under 18 and have signed a medical consent form.

How do I take care of my new piercing?

We will go through aftercare with each customer after your initial piercing, as you will be provided with a list of instructions.

In most cases for all piercings (ear/facial/surface/genital) it is advised to avoid swimming pools and touching the area with dirty hands.

For those who have oral piercings, you must try to avoid or cut down on drinking, smoking, kissing, oral sex and amphetamines for at least 2 weeks.