Cairns Tattooing


Tattoos are always indecisive, especially for your first tattoo!

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, be sure to brain storm a few different designs before deciding. This way you are narrowing down your options to create a unique design that suits you.

Upon booking an appointment we require:

  1. Some sort of referenced image/s for your design
  2. We will also need to know position, size, color’s/grey wash, shadings for the design.
  3. Your contact details
  4. Upfront deposit at no added cost
  5. Proof of age ID

Not sure on a design?

Please attempt to find as may images as you can again as a basic reference, leave the rest of the designing up to the artist to surprise you with a unique design!

It is a company policy, that we do not give quotes or process bookings over the phone. However please do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiries regarding bookings.

Care for your new tattoo

The healing process directly affects the end results and the longevity. Upon getting your tattoo, please follow as instructed!

Remove bandage after 2 hours.

Wash with warm soapy water, and then rinse with cold.

Apply Bepanthen cream after two days for at least 2 weeks

Do not get your tattoo sunburnt!

Do not pick at the scab!

Avoid swimming in salt water or chlorine pools until the tattoo has completely  healed (Approximately 9-14 days for large pieces, 9 days or less for smaller black tattoos.)

Some common questions

Do I have to make a booking?

Bookings are highly recommended for particular dates/times required and being a busy studio, please keep in mind that we may take a few days to reply.

Can I walk in and be tattooed?

Depending on how busy the day is, we are always open for walk in’s if someone is available.

Can you draw a design for me?

Yes, please bare in mind that draw ups could take a few days or more to complete depending on workload and waiting lists.

Do I have to make an appointment for a consultation?

You are more then welcome to come in store with your designs ready for ideas, we only book consultations on large/ongoing pieces.

Can I book over the phone?

Unfortunately we will need to see the design first to give a quote and allow a booking for the right amount of time. All inquiries can be made in person or via email.

Do I need to leave a deposit for my booking?

Yes, for all bookings we do charge a deposit at no added cost upon your initial booking. 

How are tattoos charged/quoted?

All quotes are charged differently by our artist, please forward all quotes to us via email or in person.